Agatòs Syntagma’s Pamphlet (first edition in 2015) follows an annual update, with the aim of spreading a multi-disciplinary culture connected to issues of security, intelligence, cyber and corporate strategy, with a look “to the future”.

The writers are always professionals, managers and specialists from various economic fields.

Why should you read our Pamphlet? Agatòs Syntagma’s Pamphlet is a compelling document, made up of dynamic and visionary insights with metaphorical and communicativeness images.

Agatòs Syntagma’s Pamphlet is recommended for business professionals, experts managers, academics and university students. Our Pamphlet is in Italian language, but the first and second editions are also in English version. Find out them!

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Corporate Warfare, 2022

by | Aug 11, 2022 | Pamphlet | 0 Comments

Corporate Warfare is the theme of Agatòs Syntagma® 1855's #Pamphlet2022. This yearthe writer are: Alessandro Pescara, Mariella Palazzolo, Emanuele Galtieri, Giovanni...

Notes on Information and Knowledge, the Pamphlet 2020-2021 edition by Agatòs Syntagma. Vol. 6.

by | May 30, 2021 | Pamphlet | 0 Comments

How many types of tools and slogans and how many information that must support knowledge. It is rare to be in control. Do you remember Waterloo? Well, the Empereur (who...

Aphorisms on Strategy and Maneuver: Agatòs Syntagma’s Pamphlet of 2019. Vol. 5

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The Strategy must take the maneuver into account. The maneuver must take into account the Strategy. This is already a good start: always and for the continuation of his...

Pamhplet 2018, Vol. 4

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“Aphorisms on command” is the title of Agatòs Syntagma's Pamphlet for 2018, which has now reached its fourth edition. The authors of this edition (Franco Vivaldi,...

Pamphlet 2017, Vol. 3, The End of Rational Economy

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Pamphlet | 0 Comments

The End of the Rational Market: risks and opportunities. It is the title of the new pamphlet (III edition 2017) by Agatòs Syntagma. The central object of the review is...

Agatòs Syntagma: presented the new Pamphlet 2016 vol. 2

by | May 30, 2016 | Pamphlet | 0 Comments

Agatòs Syntagma presents the new Corporate Security Review for 2016, "Knowing the Environments, Managing the Actions", edited by the Group's Plans and Operations...

Trust, Threats and Resilience – Corporate Governance in the Risk Society 2015 is the new pamphlet produced by Agatòs Syntagma

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Agatòs Syntagma has launched a new cultural project that will follow a constant evolution characterized by conceptual metamorphosis, of 'knowledge' and development of...