Our mission

We have been dealing with command and control, Intelligence and Security for 160 years and operational and strategic management consultancy since 90’s.

We work in the direct interest of the top management, managing and organizing activities in a harmonious way and in operational continuity with all company levels and business units.

Our method is implemented through the matrices of synchronization and net-centric asymmetry with the support of proprietary systems C4i and NOSCO visual, entirely developed by Agatòs Syntagma.

Operational process
Agatòs Syntagma’s operational process is divided into the following phases: research, analysis, deductive inference and intelligence, project construction, end-state identification, application, operational development and monitoring over time.


We work in the main business areas, in Italy and abroad, for companies – often – listed on the stock exchange. For example, we also work in these markets:


  • Food&Beverage
  • Insurance
  • Automotive, industry and competitive
  • Banking, Finance and Petrochemistry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Gaming
  • Large Distribution
  • Industry
  • IT, hardware and software
  • Real estate
  • Media and entertainment
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Textile and Clothing
  • Web and Internet


The cultural aspect is necessary and essential in all our operational, research and development activities, and our analysis office is constantly engaged on these aspects. Agatòs Syntagma boasts solid collaborations with research center and companies, including for example: