Corporate Warfare is the theme of Agatòs Syntagma® 1855’s #Pamphlet2022.

This yearthe writer are: Alessandro Pescara, Mariella Palazzolo, Emanuele Galtieri, Giovanni D’Alascio, Cosimo Pacciolla, Michele Mantovani, Roberto Cosa, Fabrizio Spagna, Diego Tatulli and the editorial by Riccardo Balotta.

The selected research and reworking of the images will also include some photographs by Anthony Bradshaw, such as his shot at the Conte Verde in Turin, a metaphor par excellence of competitive awerness in history.

The graphic design and realization are entrusted to Officina Mirabilis, creativity by Vincenzo Notaro and care of the contents by Valeria Nazzaro. A forge of #ideas that has followed the pamphlet since its origin and which this year reaches the 7th edition.

You can request the digital free version at this address: