Agatòs Syntagma’s team and organization have changed over time – starting in 1855 – maintaining a constant metamorphosis and ensuring a high resilience.

Today we deal with managerial strategic consultancy and operational support focused on 3 main areas:

Security; Intelligence; Management Consulting

with a parallel sister-company (listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, Agatòs Energia/Agatòs Spa) that works in the renewable energy market that covers every segment of the green market (photovoltaic, wind and biomass).

The Head of our organization is Agatòs Agger who coordinates the activities of the industrial group whose command center is Agatòs Syntagma.

Agatòs Syntagma coordinates and manages the industrial group and the federated group, through the application of the assets C4I and NOSCO Visual.

Agatòs Syntagma, for more specific activities, is supported by Agatòs Energia (Agatòs SpA) and AGMEN (for the energy and Travel Risk Management and Operational Counterespionage market).

  • Security & Corporate Security
  • Intelligence, Corporate/Competitive/Business Intelligence
  • Antifraud & Integrity, Eco-Fin Security
  • Economic Intelligence
  • Cyber Defense
  • Enigneering
  • Legal
  • Risk Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Info-Investigation
  • Organization and operational models
  • Lobbying
  • Green Energies
  • Travel Risk Management
  • …and more!