The Strategy must take the maneuver into account. The maneuver must take into account the Strategy.

This is already a good start: always and for the continuation of his action a leader must keep in mind this, in a constant and continuous way: the what (the Strategy) and the how (the maneuver).

What I want to obtain, achieve, conquer in a lasting and not ephemeral way, how can I acquire this or that.
It is a continuum of activities in a given space of time that must remain in balance or that are constantly looking for a point of balance. What we call the Securization process of a system in metastable equilibrium.

Not infrequently, and for the most diverse reasons, this is seen in companies belonging to all sectors:
exaltation for the Strategy and depression for change and maneuver, which does not hold up, does not become reality.
Not only that: the line of a leader is recognized in his ability to maneuver following a defeat.
This is the opening words of the new Pamphlet, accompanied by a substantial contribution by Attilio Cristiano Vaccaro Belluscio.

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