July, 3rd, 2023
The creation of the new edition of our Pamphlet 2023 is underway. With the eighth number we will delve into a complex theme full of mystery: the Unknown, which for the ancient Greeks was ἄδηλος (adelos), the “unmanifest“. The metaphorical images and the in-depth information sheets will frame the textual contributions of Authors from various sectors, including:

Antonella Azzaroni (Public Affairs Director, ANIA)
Ugo Celestino (Policy Officer, EU Space Programme, European Commission)
Marco De Masi (Head of Marketing and Communication Ammagamma)
Francesco Farina (Executive Director Cesintes Tor Vergata)
Roberto Ricco (Criminal Lawyer, Zaccaria, Rotella & Associati)
#AttilioCristianoVaccaroBelluscio (Adjunt Professor Banking Law UNIVERSITA’ EUROPEA DI ROMA – UER)

All the text will be accompanied by a sophisticated graphic project specifically designed by Officina Mirabilis, which has been following our Pamphlet since 2015, under the design and content management Vincenzo Notaro and Valeria Nazzaro.

The leitmotiv present in the graphic reworkings will focus on ‘white’, which is the sum of all colors, the tonality that is par excellence out of the spectrum for our eyes. Likewise, the unknown is beyond our ability to see, which is why it is invisible to us, white as the light of the stars.
This edition was sponsored by ASSOCONSULT (Confindustria).
As always, the Pamphlet will first be delivered to a small and selected list of companies-corporates and institutions. Later we will start making it available (always for free) to everyone.
Anyone interested in a digital or paper copy can write to us at: