The competitiveness of our “country system” is slowed down – also – by a convoluted regulatory fabric, which creates development difficulties and risks for businesses.
Not only. We are witnessing the exponential growth of unknown crimes.

Think of artificial intelligence and algorithms (such as HFTs) that autonomously commit market manipulations without initiatives directly linked to humans.
In today’s context, there is still no certain and preventative sanctioning line to combat this problem, which is to all intents and purposes an offence.

Roberto Ricco (Criminal Lawyer, Zaccaria, Rotella & Associati) addresses the issue of unknowable offenses from the point of view of corporate growth, development and competitiveness, in a context where the descending decision-making information force is the most effective antidote.

The contribution is part of our Pamphlet 2023 (n.8) entitled “The Unknown”.



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