October 11th 2023.

Here we are!! The public distribution of the Pamphlet2023 (“L’Ignoto”) begins, which in recent weeks was delivered as a preview to a selected number of companies and institutions (around 250).

The graphic project that is designed with particular #techniques, created exclusively for us by Officina Mirabilis (Vincenzo Notaro e Valeria Nazzaro).

This year the leitmotif is the color white, the sum of all colors, the shade par excellence of the #unknown (l’ignoto).

In this opening post you can read the editorial by Riccardo Balotta (Agatòs Syntagma® 1855 Chairman Group), who – recalling the philosophies of #GiordanoBruno (in De Minimo) on what change and the non-manifest are – opens the work of the #authors who participated in our project.

It is possible to request a #free copy (paper or digital) of the Pamphlet, writing to: segreteria@agatos-syntagma.it.

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