Also this year we are a partner company of the II Level #Master in #IntelligenceEconomica (Economic Intelligence) of Cesintes Tor Vergata (Università di Roma Tor Vergata).

The Master – starting next April 2024 – will aim to provide 360° theoretical and practical training, focusing the knowledge of the Economic on many topics, including:
#Methodologies and Tools for the Information assets
#Strategic Intelligence
#Security Management #Risks Managements (including Cyber Security/Defense)
– And so on…

A time of strong #uncertainty (like this century), internal and external market anomalies, as well as strong pressure on the competitiveness of the National System, it is essential to be ready to address these issues with ad hoc and transversal preparation.

With us – as company partners – also: AI open mind e Advanta Consulting.

More #info: ➡ https://www.cesintes.it/master-universitario-di-ii-livello-di-intelligence-economica-2024/