16/02/2023 What is “Corporate Warfare“? it can be defined as the set of licit, illicit, moral and immoral practices that companies implement to contrast or defeat their competitors (up to climbing their governance) and dominate the markets.

The actions and tools that characterize Corporate Warfare are many, such as:

  • misinformation,
  • sharp practices (“a barely honest dealings”: practices and procedures bordering on legality and highly immoral against competitors to “sabotage” them, limit their operations, attack their reputation or steal information),
  • financial spoofing (fraudulent disruption of the financial market which can consist, for example, in purchasing or selling orders for a certain security which is withdrawn just before being executed; deceiving investors and damaging the company to which it is connected the financial title),
  • cyber attacks,
  • the misuse of financial instruments (including “derivatives”),
  • social engineering and much more…

In the interview published by CINEAS, together with Emanuele Salvador (Principal of dss+) we addressed these issues, including the innovative training course scheduled for next May 2023 organized by the Consortium of the Milan Polytechnic. To read the interview: https://www.cineas.it/news/scenari-globali-e-nuove-forme-di-competizione-tra-aziende-conoscerle-per-proteggersi-e-continuare-a-sviluppare-il-proprio-business/

It’s not just about corporate security and regulatory rules, but about economic competitiveness, protection and growth for large, medium and even small companies. Business risks and competitive challenges are reaching very high peaks, creating impacts on companies on the whole community, with repercussions on the public and economic security of the country system.